Dorkus Operandi

I did an interview for a grad magazine recently, as they're doing a pull-out on the Big 4 accounting firms, and want to feature associates with "interesting" hobbies outside of work. There are a slew of associates with ridiculously interesting hobbies in my firm, and they're all so damned talented, but I suppose I'm really dorky, so they want to appeal to a certain market. LOL
Anyway, I spoke about SnitchSeeker - the Harry Potter forum I've been helping to moderate for the past..... 7 years or so - and also about baking! YAY!

I also baked a small cake for a dinner party my parents hosted last week, the same recipe used for the Rose Cake, but in a 6-inch pan, and less fancy decorating. I've actually never simply just laid on frosting with a spatula, so this was kind of liberating.

Unfortunately, did not manage to get a picture of the cake before the party, and so I have a picture of half a cake. Damn. I loved how the cake turned out, though.
Can't wait to go home today and finish it up!

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